This course is the best digital painting tailored for beginners to get a taste of what it is like working in the entertainment industry. You will get hands-on experience on how to work with briefs and creating appealing designs and paintings.

With a well crafted course content and learning from industry professionals from SPOOF! Animation you are sure to get creating in no time.

Why study Digital Painting at SPOOF! ACADEMY:

1. Learn to paint even without prior knowledge
2. Discover how to use Photoshop for your digital paint workflow
3. Be mentored by a world-class industry digital artist
4. Engage in group projects that mimick real life situations
5. Opportunity of a one month voluntary paid internship program to get real studio experience and work on client projects
6. Build a portfolio to get you your next big Job

Bring your stories to life with CG Spectrum online 2D digital painting school!

In just 1 month, this beginners course will equip you with a solid foundation in digital painting. You'll dive right into the Principles of Value, light and colors.

This short course is the perfect way to get started in the world of concept and digital painting, and get you going to improve on your own or in a studio environment. 

Our projects

Week one

Day 1: Understanding Value 

 Day 2: Color Theory

 Day 3: Revision  

Our projects

Week two

Day 1: Principle of Light and Colour 

Day 2: Painting Textures 

Day 3: Revision 

Our projects

Week three

Day 1: Painting from grayscale to color 

Day 2: How to paint anatomy and people 

Day 3: Revision 

Our projects

Week four

Day 1: How to paint environment 

Day 2: Revision 

Day 3: Revision 


Items required for this course:

Sketchpad, pencils and Eraser
Students should have basic knowledge of Windows or Mac OS. And also bring their laptops which should meet or exceed the following hardware configurations.
Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Vista or XP 32-bit/64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor 2 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB recommended) 16 GB of free disk space for installation